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Updated on Friday 02nd February 2018

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Starting with 2014, the total market value of the publishing industry reached $122 million. In 2018, the market should reach a value of $128 million. India is one of the few countries were the publishing industry is gradually increasing, for both printed and digital books
Those starting a company in India in the publishing sector should know that, according to the Federation of Indian Publishers, the country has approximately 19,000 publishing houses. 50% of the published books in India are printed in Hindi and English, and the rest in the other official languages recognised in this country (24 languages at a national level). Our team of consultants in company registration in India can advise on the main procedures available for the incorporation of a publishing business


Characteristics of the Indian publishing sector

A few years ago, the National Book Trust of India, a governmental agency which has as a main activity the promotion of books and similar products, conducted a study which showed that a high number of young persons is interested in reading activities
This accounts for 83 million persons, representing one fourth of all the young persons in India. Foreign investors may open a company in India in this sector, as starting with the 2000s, the local government allowed foreign direct investments (FDI) in the publishing industry and several well-known international publishing houses have already set their operations here. Our team of specialists can offer assistance on the FDI law applicable in India
Besides international businesses set up here, the publishing industry is mostly represented by small family-owned businesses
As mentioned above, most of the publishing companies in India publish their products in Hindi and English. There is a high demand for books published in English at a global level and, in terms of the titles published in this language, India ranks as the third global jurisdiction

Main publishing activities in India 

In order to register a company in India in this sector, the investors will need to set up a legal entity and register for tax purposes. However, it is necessary to know that the publishing sector in India is exempt from the payment of the value added tax
The main publishing sub-sectors are the following:
trade (books for general purposes);
school textbooks;
books for higher education
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of representatives for advice on how to form a company in India in the publishing industry



February 1, 2018

India has one of the largest consumer markets at a global level and, in the light of the information presented in this article, I believe a publishing business can have numerous business prospects.

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